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Here are a few easy habits to follow:

Many of our problems come from within our own minds. Here are some simple habits to embrace which will enhance your experience and life journey:

  1. Do one thing at a time. Instead of having tasks pile up, pick one thing to do at a time, when you're done you will feel satisfied and proud.
  2. Write it down. Make a to-do list and write whatever it is that needs to be done. This way you will keep track of everything.
  3. Do not compare. How often do you spend time comparing yourself to others ? Maybe you measure wealth, beauty, health, success, will power, what good is it going to do you ? Instead look at the current reality and who you are today, and either accept it or change the situation.
  4. Every choice you make you also choose the consequence. So the next time you have to make a choice ask yourself, is this life enhancing or life diminishing ? Whether it is about lifestyle, friendship or food really look at the situation or person and ask yourself this question.
  5. If you're alone do it anyway. Never deny yourself the pleasure of doing something just because you have no one to do it with, go ahead and do it anyway.
  6. Does your age determine your choices? Forget "I'm too old to do that" or "how can I do that at my age." Forget your age and do it anyway, the only thing that is stopping you is you.
  7. Do one small thing that inspires or touches your spirit. Plan a "daily uplift". For example, a walk in nature, volunteering, work in the garden, read a good book or lunch with friends.
  8. If you have a decision to make, leave it awhile. Sometimes we rush to come up with the answer or reply to something under pressure. How you feel about something one day may be quite different from how you feel a few days later. By then the situation may have even sorted itself out.
  9. Don't let life get you down. A negative mind-set is like looking at the world through a grimy lens. It's amazing what isn't there until you start looking for it. Practice being optimistic, if you look for positive things you will find them.
Quit being a perfectionist. Many times good enough means exactly that. Searching for the perfect anything and you'll never find it. Perfectionism will destroy all your pleasure and send you in search of what can never be attained.

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